Does spending hours worrying about what to wear to a gala sound familiar? Worrying if your outfit is fancy enough, stylish enough, or appropriate for the occasion? Many people fixate on what to wear to a gala and it is one of the most common questions we get from guests. I am still one of those people even after planning and attending many galas. The truth is, that it is natural to want to look your best but you don’t need to overthink it. It is a fun excuse to get dressed up.

Remember that events are supposed to be enjoyable so instead of stressing about every detail of what you will wear, try to find something that will make you feel fabulous. This doesn’t mean you have to wear something traditional like a floor-length gown or a tuxedo. These are great choices, but they are far from your only options. More often than not we are seeing cocktail attire and more casual dress codes at galas these days, like guests wearing a fun suit or dress with tennis shoes – fashionable and comfortable.

Sticking with something that is similar to your personal style is key to helping you feel comfortable and confident. If you love bold colors, going with a sleek tailored black suit won’t help you be you in the moment.

Don’t feel like you have to buy something new for every event. Chances are most people won’t remember what you wore the last time anyway. Utilize accessories to change things up and showcase your style. Try to compliment your outfit without overwhelming it. Picking one standout moment with your accessories whether it be a great pair of earrings, a fun clutch, or shoes with a pop of color can really enhance your look. When comfort meets style, you don’t have to have a heel (especially in the Midwest). There are so many cute shoes you can add to an outfit that will make you feel at ease and last the whole evening.

At the end of the day, stay true to your personal style and don’t overthink your choices and that will help you enjoy the event with confidence. So, embrace the chance to dress up, and don’t forget to let your unique style shine.

-Brenna Wood, Event Director