Trends are fluid in the event space, always moving and changing. Right when you think you have a grasp on what is popular, something new enters the conversation. That’s why the K2 team is doing everything possible to stay on the cutting edge, and that starts with coming together with industry leaders.

Our team attended a conference earlier this year featuring current industry trends and speculating on what will come next. The sessions focused on everything from color theory to simple decor ideas. The insights gained are a game changer in our team’s approach. Little things like knowing last year, 68% of event attendees in a survey thought the look and vibe of an event or space was important. It may feel like an insurmountable task to come up with the budget to create a distinct look or vibe, but K2 has some tips to help you get there without breaking the bank.

Round Tables
We like to pick two or three different centerpiece displays that complement each other, cutting down on the total number of pieces you will have to look to buy or rent. Flowers many times are among the most expensive items to incorporate in event decor, so utilizing multiple centerpieces can help so you do not have to buy floral arrangements for every table or you can vary the size or type of the arrangements. On top of flexibility, you can reuse these pieces year after year and just incorporate one new item each year or mix and match to spice it up.

Table Decor Trends
We’ve been loving simple vases in the center of a harvest-style table in one long row, creating variety with different heights, candles, and/or flowers. This look can be replicated very inexpensively and is stunning. Utilizing items that have varying heights will draw the eye and make the space feel more dynamic.

Maximizing vibrant linens and swapping out the basic white, cream, or black for color pops can make a huge impact for not a lot of money. Even if you only change the napkin and have it placed prominently on the table.

Unconventional Decor
Don’t overlook the idea of unconventional decor. Freezing some trinkets or something meaningful in ice blocks and stacking them on a table or on the floor can add a WOW factor. Sculpting your logo or theme out of ice for a beverage luge near the bar or to chill beverages is both interactive and decorative. Even consider inviting a muralist that will paint onsite and maybe even let your guests paint with them. These elements not only add a unique touch but also serve as conversation starters and can enhance the overall experience.

Centerpieces make a perfect additional auction item to raise money, which is a brilliant way to give back and reduce waste. Use judgment, however, because some feedback suggests that guests often don’t want to take home another vase they will need to store. Get creative with inexpensive holders that are environmentally friendly and less cumbersome to store. Consider using biodegradable materials or items that guests can easily repurpose.

Did you know that K2 now has a collection of decor? If we work with you on your event you get access to our decor included in your package at no additional cost to you! Even if you don’t utilize our event management services you can still rent our decor to help save money and as a bonus, it won’t be taking up space in your office, storage unit, or garage.

2023 has taught us that thoughtful, creative decor can make a significant impact and in 2024 we are continuing that trend without draining your wallet. Focus on the elements that matter most, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.

-Brenna Wood, K2 Events Director